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Recruitment explained.

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We work with our clients to implement proven cutting-edge systems that assist in the development of high performing sales team.

Our in-house recruitment specialises in placing Ads, hiring, training, developing and managing your sales teams from our in-house EBST (Empathy Based Sales – Technique) certified sales consultants, which we call ‘Rain Makers’, who are real top 1% closers.

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We tailor a Best Practice Digital Sales Solution for your business by converging our product suite to suit your unique requirements and desired results.

Build a sales team that has good company culture and personality that fits with a minimum team closing ratio of 30% across the board.


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Sales Recruitment

Our specialists will place ads, hire, training and develop your entire sales team.

Induction Programs

We’ve developed a seamless step-by-step induction program to get your sales team ready.

EBS-T Sales Training

Empathy Based Sales Training for modern sales professionals and top performing closers.

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A high performing sales team works remotely, outside of your premises. We provide Empathy Based Sales training for modern remote sales professionals and top performing closers.

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