Sales Strategy Review & Upgrade


Sales Strategy
Review & Upgrade

Work with you to create a robust, highly automated, intuitive sales process that is so Dialled-IN, poor fit prospects deselect themselves and ideal clients eagerly anticipate the sales call.

The High Performing SSRU Process

Built with the EBS-T Framework, our team of specialists will create a presentation, script, and slide deck that anyone on the team can use to convert more sales on the call.


Sales Process

Review and upgrade current Sales Process, including steps of onboarding to secure more booked calls and increase meeting anticipation.


Sales Presentation

Upgrade Sales Presentation, with a powerful script and slide deck with MO Framework including MSRU and EBS-T protocols to increase sales conversion.


Strategy Meeting

1:1 Strategy Meeting with the Chief Sales Officer to review the upgraded sales process, sales presentation, scripts and slide deck(s).

Lets Get Started

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What SSRU will do for your business

Increase sales, revenue, cash flow, and bottom line profits.

Reduce Time

Reduce time spent selling and/or managing salespeople/sales team with a well-designed and automated sales system and process.

The Experience

Improve the overall selling and buying experience for both sales closers your prospective clients.


Create the ideal selling environment to build a sales team that will enable your business to scale and really grow.

Show Up Rate

Increase show-up rate and sales closing ratios across the entire team.

Performance & ROI

Align sales and marketing to transform and improve overall performance and ROI.

Qualify & Conquer

Quickly and easily qualify and disqualify opportunities, saving time and money.

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A high performing sales team works remotely, outside of your premises. We provide Empathy Based Sales training for modern remote sales professionals and top performing closers.

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